Selfie Dare: Turn Your Nose Up At Pig Factories

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By now most people know we should eat less meat, and if we do eat meat, only from responsible (preferably organic) farms. For our health, our planet and not in the least for the animals. Unfortunately, still too many people think they can’t live without their daily rasher or sausage (preferably cheap), enter the horrible factory farms.

This week the ‘Turn Your Nose Up’ campaign launched, created in light of new information that pig factories threaten our health and the wellbeing of pigs. These factories are cramming pigs into such horrendous conditions that they need to be routinely dosed with antibiotics just to keep them alive, leading to ‘superbugs’ ­ human diseases that are difficult to treat because they have become resistant to antibiotics.


Dominic West, Rupert Everett, Jon Snow, Jeremy Irons and Vivienne Westwood are some of the high profile talent that appear in a new two­-minute campaign video which exposes the barbaric truth of pig factories, and in doing so, moves many of the celebrities to tears. The video captures their reactions to the horrific footage of pigs suffering in intensive rearing units, which have come to be dubbed ‘factories’.

moral-outrage-375x375Fashion photographer Clive Arrowsmith has also produced a series of powerful portrait photographs, while renowned fashion designer and campaigner Dame Vivienne Westwood has designed a limited edition T­-shirt that debuted on the runway at Milan Fashion Week.

The T­-shirt costs £30 with 75% of the sale price going to Farms Not Factories’ work.

You can do your part by posting a selfie turning your nose up on social media with the hashtag #TurnYourNoseUp.​ You’ll be in the good company of many celebrities such as Sting, Zac Goldsmith, Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fearnley­Whittingstall, Stella and Paul McCartney, Hugh Grant, Lily Allen, Moby, Stephen Fry, Jo Wood, Joanna Lumley, Roger Moore, Jools Holland and Lucy Watson.

The campaign is supported by high profile NGO partners C​ompassion in World Farming, Soil Association, ​E​ating Better​, A​ntibiotic Action​ a​nd ​Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics.​

We are no selfie fans, but for this great cause we’ll make an exception. Now go on and get that selfie online!

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