Celebrate life with Firefly

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I’ve never been a big fan of soft drinks. They’re too sweet and artificial to my liking. I’ll stick to water with lime, cucumber or mint – and perhaps, when it is a very hot day, one ice-cold Orangina from the round bottle, for nostalgia purposes if anything.

It seems ex-City boys Mr Briggs and Mr Waley-Cohen were of a similar mindset. These fine men decided to do something about the meagre soft drink offer and launched Firefly, a range of all-natural revitalising beverages boosted with botanical extracts. Needless to say I simply had to try it.

FullSizeRenderNot sure why it took me so long, I have been eyeing the pleasantly designed bottles for some time now. In any case, I tested several flavours this week, and must admit this is a different league. Because they are water based and flavoured with fruit and botanical flavours, they remind me of a home-made ice tea. Truly delicious and no trace of that nasty chemical, overly sweetened taste you get from any regular soft drink.

A bonus is the glass bottle with soft, summery colours and polaroids of people enjoying life. I, for one, can only smile when enjoying a Firefly beverage.

Upload your favourite snap enjoying life through their website or social media using #feelingfly and perhaps your favourite moment will feature on the new bottles in bars, restaurants and retailers from Autumn 2016.

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