Bloomon: a subscription to happiness

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Perhaps it’s the Dutch blood running through my veins, but I love flowers. I need to have flowers in the house. They stand for nature and ooze happiness (in my humble opinion). Easily arranged when living in Amsterdam, with fantastic yet cheap flowers for sale throughout the city. Not so easy when living in London: less choice, often dubious quality and – hello – expensive! Although by now I have found some places that can get me my flower-fix to some extent, it doesn’t come close to the fresh, dewy flowers I used to have in Amsterdam.


Apparently I am not the only one craving fresh, beautiful flowers: Bloomon recognised a need and opened it’s virtual doors in the UK. I couldn’t be more pleased! In case you haven’t heard of Bloomon: they are the Able & Cole of flowers.

The principle is simple: you pick a bouquet size (S, M, L), decide how often you want a fresh bouquet, enter your details, et voila, your bouquet is delivered to your door. The flowers come straight from the growers. By cutting out all the steps in between – auctions, wholesalers, stores – days of extra freshness are created.

The bouquets are all a celebration of the beauty of flowers, with hardly ever two of a kind in the same bouquet. Different colours, different lengths, with often several species you wouldn’t find at your local flower stand.


You can order the especially designed vase made from recycled glass or use one of your own. The subscription is very flexible: you can easily change frequency or size of your bouquet. When planning a holiday simply pause your subscription. If you want to end the subscription, you can do so at any time.

This wonderful flower pleasure doesn’t exactly come cheap in absolute terms (£24.95 for a M size bouquet), but considering the time they last, while factoring in the beauty and originality of the bouquets, it’s actually a pretty darn good deal.

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