Q&A with Eduard Burer, founder of Recruit for Good

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We are living in challenging times. The world has passed the carbon tipping point, we have an enormous humanitarian crisis on our hands and are on the brink of global political disruption – to name just a few. On the bright side, this generation has the opportunity to make a change and a fast growing community of engaged professionals is rising to the challenge. One of these people is Eduard Burer. Eduard recently founded Recruit for Good, a company that delivers recruitment solutions, executive search support and talent development services for innovative and sustainable organisations. This is obviously right up our alley, so we decided to ask him a few questions.


Why did you decide to start Recruit for Good?

I was raised by my parents with the idea to give back to society. I am a parent myself now and a few months ago our youngest son asked me: ‘Daddy, what did you become in life?’ I had to think for a few seconds and was proud to answer: ‘Someone who helps other people to find a job where they make the world a bit better.’

The world is changing faster than ever and the societal challenges are getting bigger every day. What if we could engage, mobilise and develop the best talents in the world to work for and contribute to organisations for the greater good? What if we can create a talent ecosystem that contributes to a better world with economical, ecological and societal impact? With these questions in mind I decided to follow my calling, combine Recruitment and Impact, and start Recruit for Good.

Were you involved in ‘for Good’ recruitment or entrepreneurship before, or is this a completely new turn in your life?

The past five years I have been part of the founding team of THNK, an executive creative leadership program founded in Amsterdam, where every 6 months the global top corporate innovation leaders, most disruptive creative entrepreneurs and inspiring social entrepreneurs are selected to start their transformational leadership program. My role was to find the most impressive people and every 6 months create a group of 35 change makers that through the program would contribute on large societal challenges and at the same time grow as leaders in their own businesses. I got involved in networks like McKinsey, TED, Ashoka, Skoll World Forum in Oxford, Venture Capitalists, Impact investors, Tech for Good networks and the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders network. THNK is a very inspiring environment, buzzing with innovation and social good, on a global scale. It may very well be that the entrepreneur within me was awakened there.

After having spent two decades in global talent recruitment & development for innovative organisations, I wanted to use all my experience, vast network and skills for Good. Delivering scalable and high quality results with the aim to bridging the gap between a positive impact, top talent and entrepreneurship. I firmly believe we are entering an era where true innovative leaders and talent are the key to solve the worlds greatest challenges by applying their skills at for-puropse organisations, be it startups, corporates or non-profits.

Who is your big inspiration and why?

My big inspirations are actually 3 people: Indiana Jones, Jane Goodall and Frank Lloyd Wright. Indiana Jones because as a small boy I wanted to become an archeologist and go on adventures to find ancient treasures, but ended up in finding the rough diamonds and little treasures out there and let them grow into real talents. Jane Goodall because her relentless passion to save the wildlife is extremely inspirational and if we do not take care of the planet we can never reach peace. And finally Frank Lloyd Wright: Wright believed in designing structures that are in harmony with humanity and its environment. Spot on how I view our role in life.

What would your advice be to talent and organisations looking to create societal impact?

Always hire for attitude, you can always teach skills. Hire people who are better than you are, that way you create a company and impact of giants. Finally, hiring is based on personality and gut feeling, do not believe the big data hype.

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