What is allmygoodness?
At allmygoodness, we are passionate about sharing the goodness life. The goodness life to us means making conscious decisions about how we consume and how we act, but always with a focus on style, comfort and quality.

We are an organization that has two main goals: to inspire consumers to lead a more conscious life and to help smaller sustainable companies take the next step.

Through this online magazine we hope to inform, inspire and empower you to lead a more conscious life and thus experience the goodness life. We will share with you our best finds of people, products and places in the world that represent the goodness life. Think delicious organic restaurants, the best ethical fashion, incredibly fast electrical sports cars, hidden eco travel gems, ethical jewelry, toys from recycled material – but also inspiring stories from people who are doing amazing things for the world.

We believe in encouraging every person and every company that is genuinely trying to be more responsible and sustainable. Criticizing those who are not yet 100% sustainable will never get us to the tipping point we need for the world. Encouraging, supporting and sharing good initiatives will get us there. We help smaller sustainable companies take the next step by offering PR, social media and strategic branding advice as well as by organizing small events for brands to present their products to consumers.

We have a whole range of writers from all around the globe, who offer different perspectives and insights into the goodness life. We also encourage you to share your best stories and tips with us, so we can create this goodness life together.

About the founder of allmygoodness

ANAIZA low-res 59 2Charlotte de la Rambelje – de Voogd noticed many people around her want to live more consciously but don’t know where to start and don’t want to spend much time on searching for the right products. They think going green and conscious means paying more, tasting less and compromising on comfort and style. She decided to set up allmygoodness to inspire this large group of consumers to lead a more conscious life, without compromising on taste, style or comfort.

Apart from running allmygoodness, Charlotte advises companies and brands on their sustainability strategy and programmes.

Before launching allmygoodness, Charlotte was a senior communications consultant with one of the top communications agencies in the world and a board member of the laluz foundation. She is married and mother of a girl and twin boys.

So who are Stella and James?

Stella and James are our ‘blast from the past’ and our inspiration. They lived in a small town during the fifties and were the coolest, most stylish couple around. They met during a diner dansant when holidaying in Monaco. They never parted since.

Stella_avatar-80x80Stella was a beautiful, stylish and intelligent lady. She was a good tennis player and an active member of the sea swimming club. Cooking was not her strong suit, but her sense of taste was impeccable. Stella was a trendsetter avant la lettre. She sew her own dresses based on the latest designs from Paris before they hit the stores. Those in the know can tell you that Stella was also a true book lover and a celebrated poet in certain circles, although she always refused to publish her work. When Stella discovered her neighbour couldn’t afford to send her daughter to a special needs school, Stella made it her business to practice with the girl evening after evening, so she could cope in a regular school.

James_avatar-80x80James was a strong, charming man with a great sense of humor. Allegedly, the character of 007 was partly based on him. He set up a company through which he imported and distributed famous records, mostly jazz and classical music; he used most of the profits to fund community projects. He loved taking Stella out for dinner and afterwards dance all night. One extremely hot summer day, he bought all the ice cream from the local ice cream shop and gave them to the kids from the nearby school. He loved pulling stunts like that.

The couple socialized both with royalty and the family around the corner. They were loved all around for their grace, style and true goodness. They were everyone’s source of inspiration for products and places worth experiencing. Stella and James truly understood the meaning of the goodness life: passionately living life to the fullest, but always with a conscious and aware of the impact their actions had on the world around them. We hope they will inspire you as much as they inspire us at allmygoodness.


The allmygoodness team