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    Cycling in winter
    October 28, 2014, Comments Off on Cycling in winter

    Cycling is becoming a more popular way to get around. Although, it is more effort and it may take longer to get somewhere, it is an excellent way to exercise […]

  • running
    Richmond running festival
    September 22, 2014, Comments Off on Richmond running festival

    This weekend, I took part in the Richmond half marathon to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The course was beautiful and I would recommend it. I’m really glad that […]

  • Oaklands Manor University of Derby Buxton School residential photoshoot
    Have an activity day
    August 18, 2014, Comments Off on Have an activity day

    This weekend, I went along to a rather unconventional 30th birthday party. On the surface, it sounded outdoorsy yet relaxing; a weekend of camping, homemade food and good wine – marvelous […]

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    #currysintrojuicing – an evening of juice and circuit training
    July 23, 2014, Comments Off on #currysintrojuicing – an evening of juice and circuit training

    Yesterday evening, I attended #CurrysIntroJuicing; an event sponsored by Currys and Phillips to encourage introducing homemade juice into your diet. The presentation from Derry Temple, manager of Temple Fitness outlined […]

  • honey_bees
    Healthy honey
    July 22, 2014, Comments Off on Healthy honey

    Honey, sometimes dubbed the ‘golden elixir’, has been popular for centuries due to it’s health benefits. From healing burns, treating coughs to fighting bacteria in the body, honey is indeed a […]

  • bamkicker
    Summer Essentials
    July 5, 2014, Comments Off on Summer Essentials

    Summer has finally arrived and holiday season is just around the corner – hooray! Time to start stacking up those summer essentials. We’ve listed some of our favourite items for you. The Beach […]

  • glastonbury
    Glastonbury – Love the farm. Leave no trace
    July 2, 2014, Comments Off on Glastonbury – Love the farm. Leave no trace

    Glastonbury started back in 1970 with a mere 1,500 attendees and an entrance fee of £1 to the remote Somerset haven that is; Worthy Farm. Since then, the event has grown […]