Citytrip: Lisbon

May 20, 2016, Comments Off on Citytrip: Lisbon

Lisbon is an amazing city and a great destination for a city trip or a longer holiday, especially if combined with the lovely coastal area of Cascais. ...


Sri Lanka: Paradise found

July 3, 2015, Comments Off on Sri Lanka: Paradise found

Sri Lanka is a true paradise isle south east of India. In size less than 15 % of the surface of India, Sri Lanka offers an astonishing variety in land ...


Thailand and Cambodia

May 23, 2015, Comments Off on Thailand and Cambodia

Recently, I went on holiday to Cambodia and Thailand. There is so much to see in these countries that they were delight to visit. The people were wo ...

  • hampton court
    Hampton Court
    February 22, 2015, Comments Off on Hampton Court

    Last weekend, I ventured to Hampton Court Palace. After living in London for four years, I was quite surprised with myself that I hadn’t visited this great attraction yet. Hampton […]

  • Warhol Capture
    Love is a Pink Cake by Andy Warhol
    January 11, 2015, Comments Off on Love is a Pink Cake by Andy Warhol

    Yesterday, my friend and I visited the small yet delightful A & D gallery in Marylebone. The exhibition there was Andy Warhol’s Love is a Pink Cake. The gallery consists […]

  • ice skating
    Ice skating and the Natural History Museum
    November 30, 2014, Comments Off on Ice skating and the Natural History Museum

    Yesterday, I went ice skating at the Natural History Museum ice rink, London. Tickets were only £15 each and were readily available unlike the popular Somerset House and Winter Wonderland […]

  • Oaklands Manor University of Derby Buxton School residential photoshoot
    Have an activity day
    August 18, 2014, Comments Off on Have an activity day

    This weekend, I went along to a rather unconventional 30th birthday party. On the surface, it sounded outdoorsy yet relaxing; a weekend of camping, homemade food and good wine – marvelous […]

  • image-30-07-14-12-16
    July 30, 2014, Comments Off on Brighton

    Last weekend, my friends and I headed to sunny Brighton. After living in London for a while now, I was really surprised that I hadn’t been before. It’s only an […]

  • beach and book
    The best summer reads
    July 20, 2014, Comments Off on The best summer reads

    If you’re like me; the kindle is compact, portable yet extremely disappointing. There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly cut paper and printed ink as you open a fresh novel. […]

  • bamkicker
    Summer Essentials
    July 5, 2014, Comments Off on Summer Essentials

    Summer has finally arrived and holiday season is just around the corner – hooray! Time to start stacking up those summer essentials. We’ve listed some of our favourite items for you. The Beach […]